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Gold Beach

 Location: Gold Beach, OR. (About 1 hour North of the CA border, on the coast)
Trails: 10 miles of beaches
Terrain: Sand, dirt paths on the cliffs
Difficulty: Easy
Highlights: Ocean viewsurreal1 HDR print2011 - Version 2

If you are looking for stunning ocean views and mild weather year round, a trip to Gold Beach is a great start. Gold Beach is a small tourist town in Southern Oregon, just a short drive from the California border. As evidenced by its name, this town is home to numerous beaches and cliff hikes with amazing ocean views.

Gold Beach is where the Rogue river meets the coast, so it is also the ideal location for fishing and other river activities.

There are several beaches to choose from during your visit to Gold Beach, but one the more popular choices is South Beach, which is closest to the town center. This beach extends from the Rogue river outlet seven miles south. Also check out Bailey Beach, which is immediately north of the river. For more information, see the Gold Beach website.




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