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Outdoor Clothing

Here we will tell you about the outdoor clothing and shoes we most often wear when hiking, and what works the best!

 Hiking Shoes

This is the Columbia Women’s Yama Outdry Trail Shoe. I’ve been hiking for several years in sneakers,   and I could really tell that after a mile or two, sneakers really just don’t give enough support. I wanted a pair of hiking shoes that didn’t look like your typical ugly hiking shoes. Nothing brown. These shoes from Columbia come in the brown variety, but also this really nice looking dark red and gray. They are great, supportive trail shoes and are waterproof as well. They are a super reasonable price for a pair of quality shoes, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a shoe that can stand up to longer, and possibly wet, hikes. 

This is Dylan’s Columbia Men’s Powerfly Down Puff Jacket. For an Oregon Winter, this jacket is pretty amazing. The down filling makes for a super light, breathable coat that still provides a ton of warmth. It keeps you warm down to freezing temperatures, but breathes enough to prevent sweating or overheating when it gets warmer. Though light, it effectively blocks chilling wind and uses the Omni Heat technology to help retain body heat (similar to a reflective emergency blanket). It also looks pretty great!

 This is my coat, the Columbia Women’s Vertical Convert Interchange Jacket. This jacket contains a water resistant outer shell and an inner liner that is really an amazing coat on its own. The outer shell is pretty good looking and can be used in the rain and snow. The inner jacket has similar construction the the puff jackets, but without the horizontal sewed lines. The inner coat also has the omni heat technology and is warm enough for pretty much any typical Oregon weather. I generally wear everyday on its own, and occasionally add the liner if its wet or I am going to be oustide for a very long time. This is a great choice if you’re looking for an everyday jacket but also want to be covered for a snowboarding trip.  

Hiking Pants
I love these! The Columbia Women’s Back Beauty Passo Alto Heat Pant are hiking/outdoor pants that are lined with the Omni heat reflective technology. I was a bit skeptical of them at first, but they fit perfectly. I tried on Dylan’s pants as well and you can tell that they definitely worked to make these pants fit women really well. They were long enough, which is often a problem for me (I am 5’8″). They fit perfectly at the waist and hips as well. They are a bit high waisted, but not too much so. They loook really good too, with a slight boot cut, almost comparable to a pair of slacks. The Omni Heat really keeps you cozy too, but never overheated.

These are the Columbia Passo Alto Heat Pant for Men. They have the same Omni Heat lining as the Women’s style and same overall look. They fit well and are streamlined enough to almost pass for a pair of slacks. There is a snap shut belt included on the waistband which is useful if you don’t want a bulky metal belt buckle to deal with. They are a very nice looking pair of pants that are perfect for hiking in fairly cold to moderate temperatures.

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