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St. Johns and Forest Park

rings 209.ORFLocation: Near North Portland, OR
Trails: Over 19 trailheads
Terrain: Dirt paths, gravel, cement
Difficulty: Easy
Highlights: City/river views, flowers


I absolutely love the first few days in Spring where it is sunny all day on a weekend! Everyone in Portland is out and about and enjoying one of the cities open spaces. When it hit 70 degrees this past Sunday, we knew it was time to find a new hike! We decided to venture to the North Portland neighborhood of St. Johns and the nearby Forest Park.

We parked on the East side of the bridge and headed down to the park under the bridge, Cathedral Park. The park is very natural looking but provides open fields for picnics and sunbathing, access to the river, as well as shady areas under trees. Expect to see many people out here walking their dogs and relaxing.

After the park, we headed across to the West side of the bridge to Forest Park. The walk across the bridge was very loud and slightly unnerving due to heavy traffic, but the view of Portland and the Willamette is unbeatable. On the other side, we quickly found an entrance to Forest Park. The park is huge (5000+ acres), so we only explored a small portion of it. But it is beautiful. There are views of Portland and St. Johns bridge every few minutes along the wooded path. Keep an eye out for trillium wildflowers and other shade loving plants. Highly recommended!

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